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  1.   29 December 2011
  3. Potential of 660cc Cars in Pakistan Market
  5. "economic factors would play a vital role in giving boost to 660cc cars in Pakistan"
  7. By Sameer Khan
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  3. Term “Kei”, pronounced as K, is used in Japan for 660cc cars whereas “minicar” is used internationally for the same category. The small engines originated after the second world war when full-sized cars were out of reach for an average income-holder. The first successful minicar was introduced by Japan's Nakajima Aircraft Company in 1958, the Subaru 360. Thereafter, other Japanese car manufacturers started introducing various 660cc models. It is worth mentioning here that Suzuki has been in minicar business since beginning.

    People may not know that 660cc is the standard of today. There were 360cc cars and 550cc manufactured between 1950 to 1990. After 1990, 660cc had been made a standard and still intact.

    Japan is still manufacturing huge line-up of 660cc vehicles. Reasons are obvious. One, tax payments much less than 1000cc or above, two – registration is easy and parking permission not required, three - Japan builds very spacious and fuel efficient 660cc models, four – Japanese manufacturers really know what and how to make an attractive minicar, five – economic slow down and hike in fuel prices.

    The primary object of 660cc cars is to enable middle class to own a car. Later, better technology and consistent popularity encouraged manufacturers offer more spacious and diversified models of 660cc cars with extremely affordable price tags.

    Today there are only 500 million middle class consumers in Asia, with one quarter of these in Japan (2009 statistics). According to the world bank, the middle class would increase from 7.6 percent to 16.1 percent in 2030 globally. Pakistan's urban population grew from 25% to 35% in 1995 and expected to be 60% in 2025. According to an estimate these factors along with other economic factors would play a vital role in boosting 660cc models worldwide. That is the reason in 2011, Toyota jumps in and introduced its first ever 660cc minicar. All this show that future of minicars is certainly well defined.

    Still people in developing countries think that strong and big cars are better. Yes, seems true as one-family-one-car policy is deeply rooted. Now this policy is gradually decreasing. New generation is more towards living seperately, economic independence and urbanization divide families which ultimately make the room of more cars on roads. Here is where concept of small cars fit in. 660cc cars are easy to afford, easy to buy and easy to maintain.

    Japanese car manufacturers are very well known in countries like Pakistan, Kenya, Sirlanka or other countries likewise. So the repute is not a problem. People must know that these minicars are just like other simple big-engine cars with even better options. Yes, 660cc cars are small and may not fit for bad and congested roads of Pakistan. What about expensive fuel, expensive spare parts of big cars, hefty amount to buy a big car, and locally manufactured sub-standard 800cc suzuki alto? In my opinion imported 660cc models are the best solution available if you need a cheap, comforable and automatic car.

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  1. Lets find out about the 660cc line-up manufactured in Japan. Except Toyota other manufacturers like Daihatsu, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Suzuki produces long list of 660cc models in Japan.

  2. Daihatsu
    Daihatsu Move
    Daihatsu Tanto
    Daihatsu Sonica
    Daihatsu Mira
    Daihatsu Esse
    Daihatsu Atrai Wagon
    Daihatsu Terios Kid
    Daihatsu Copen
  3. Mazda
    Mazda Az Wagon
    Mazda Spiano
    Mazda Carol
    Mazda Scrum
    Mazda Az Offroad
  4. Subaru
    Subaru R1
    Subaru R2
    Subaru Stella
    Subaru Pleo
    Subaru Dias Wagon
  5. Suzuki
    Suzuki Wagon R
    Suzuki MR Wagon
    Suzuki Cervo
    Suzuki Lapin
    Suzuki Kei
    Suzuki Alto
    Suzuki Every Wagon
  6. Honda
    Honda Zest
    Honda Life
    Honda Vamos

    Nissan Moco
    Nissan Otti
    Nissan Pino
    Nissan Clipper Rio
  7. Mitsubishi
    Mitsubishi i
    Mitsubishi ek Sports
    Mitsubishi ek Wagon
    Mitsubishi Pajero mini
    Mitsubishi Minica
    Mitsubishi Townbox
    Mitsubishi Minicab

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