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Benefits of ordering through Oliac Deal
  • We ensure, your payment is secure and shipment made on time, how?
    We negociate discounts for you and bring the best deal, how?
  • » We do not pay to shipper until shipment is made as shipper committed
  • We hold your payment in the bank and pay a token amount from oliac autos just to finalize the order. We Negoicate the deal for you and get the documented timeline of shipment. Once we get the BLs and shipment according to the schedule, we release the payment to shipper and EMS/DHL the document to you. If we find logical complaints after you receive the car, we cut the next and potential deals with that shipper until shipper agrees to compensate accordingly. This process keeps the shipment faster
  • » We negociate discounts for selected cars and try to bring an oliac deal for you
  • Just lets us know the shipper and car you have selected from particular stock. It could be anywhere or on any website. We will negociate on your behalf or give you more options from other shippers of same quality cars. There might be many units that you may not see yet or could not find on internet. It will give you liberty to decide right price for the right car.
  • » We guide you about market price, current market trend and quality of selected car
  • There are many ways to do so. Car quality is important and you must know the auction inspection grading beforehand. We do all that for you.
  • » We manage delivery of all related documents to you on time (BL / Export Certificates, Inpections)
  • We handle the documentation part for you which is the most important after the shipment. Just think that we are sitting in Japan and working on your behalf.
  • » We find required car for you if you are unable to find in cheaper price
  • Give us order and discuss with us, we will search for all viable options available in Japan.
  • 50% | 50% Payment Model
    All Inclusive
  • 9,000 JPY
  • * Buyer pays JPY 4,500 and Shipper pays JPY 4500.
    * we provide services after receiving initial or full payment from buyer