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Terms of Services


Oliac Japan will provide the client with the website hosting services and support (for website and information systems) on additional monthly charges. Oliac Japan will be responsible for online availability of website and support in case of any mal-function or downtime. Oliac Japan will not guarantee 100% uptime due to technical nature of business. Data backup is available on Oliac servers once a day around mid-night. Additional backup will be charged separately. In case of non-payment of monthly service charges, website and its related systems will be stopped until all pending payments are cleared.

Monthly service charges starts from 5,000 JPY a month.


All web-based application for data management (Oliac VDM, Oliac EDM etc) provided by Oliac Japan are rental and Oliac Japan owns code thereof. Code related to website will be owned by client if agreed behorhand. Oliac Japan charges minimum 500,000 JPY (higher for large website) if client would like to have code ownership of website. Oliac Japan builds low cost website and connect it with rental data management system to give relief to clients for paying high for code ownershiop. In case of termination of the contract, client is responsible to pay full charges for code ownership if availed basic package.

Basic package start from 100,000 to 250,000 for website development.
Data Management System (Oliac VDM and Oliac EDM) monthly use start from 5,000 JPY a month.


Oliac Japan registers domain for its clients. Therefore, services is charged that includes domain registration and setup. Both charges are seperately invoiced to client. Oliac Japan, keeps the domain access due to security reason, therefore, forwarded to client upon request. Oliac Japan will not be responsible for domain re-newal and other issues if domain access is forwarded to client or domain provided by the client. Domain registered by Oliac Japan are managed by Oliac Japan, if other services hired by the client, but owned by client.

Single domain registration charges for Oliac Japan are 10,000 JPY. Renewal of domain charged on yearly basis charged from 5,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY.


Oliac Japan will provide full privacy to clients' data. Even, in case of non-payment and other disagreements between the two parties, Oliac Japan will protect the essential information and shall not pass on to anybody or entity. Therefore, all the matters are expected to be resolved amicably. Data of client with unresolved issues will be removed from the servers/systems after certain period of time. Oliac Japan will send prior notice in any case.


Oliac Japan offer services for data entry and management on monthly or contract basis. For new systems and users, Oliac Japan offer data entry that include record entry and images uploads. Both services are charges sepertely and charges depend on load and amount of work. Translation services for website text are also charged sepertely and depend on text and complexity of text.


Oliac Japan provides unlimited email creation and 25 GB webspace of its servers for its basic package. Webspace can be increased if load increased. Monthly charges will increase accordingly as well. Client has responsiblity to setup emails on their personal computer, ipad or iphones. In case of spam emailing acitivity, Oliac Japan will act according to rules prescribed for the case.


Client will be responsible to pay to Oliac Japan 33% initially to finalize the contract. Client will pay additional 33% when 60% work is finished. Remaining 34% will be paid upon the signature on document indicating complete delivery of project. Client will pay extra for customization or code update or changes after the final delivery is made.

** Oliac Japan reserves right to change or add terms of services, if does not effect the previous contract, without informing the client.

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