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  • Yamazaki English Muffin with Black Sesame
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  • Yamazaki Shin Shokkan Sengen English Muffin 4 Pieces
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  • Kobeya Bakery - Products and Ingredients
  • 41-branches of Kobeya operating around Japan

    • Oliac Foods -27 May 2013
      27 May 2013
    • Kobeya has many shops around Japan and every shop uses slightly different ingredients in its products - Kobeya representative
    • Kobeya informed oliac foods that how hard it is to list down ingredients used in their products for foreigners in Japan due to selection of different ingredients by different branches.

      We can list now the output of shin-yokohama branch where emulsifiers are not being used. Shortening in most of the products is vegetable-based. Margarine and butter, both are used so you need to ask.

      You have developed a list, given below, that shows major products along with name of ingredients. You can make sure once again, in case of doubts by calling the number 046-238-8730.

      List of products with vegetable-based ingredients

    • Ingredients doubtful for halal eaters and vegetarians in bakery products

      Margarine (may contain animal fats)
      Shortening (may be animal-based)
      Oil ( might be animal-based )
      Baking powder ( might be animal-based)

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